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Mission Control

Joining Doximity means being part of an incredibly talented and hardworking team. We work on products that over 70% of U.S. physicians use to make their busy lives a little easier. And we believe making work easier for physicians makes life better for patients, too. We absolutely love creating technology that has a real, meaningful impact on people’s lives. We think you will, too.

Here at Doximity, we work with confidence because we're committed to a culture of transparency and candor. It’s pretty simple, really; well-informed employees make smarter decisions. We love big ideas and give our employees the support they need to make them happen.

Clinicians First

Doximity was founded in 2011 by Jeff Tangney, a pioneer of mobile health apps. We build products for healthcare professionals who, in our opinion, have the most important job on the planet. We believe in creating tools that help our users do their jobs better, and if we get that right, everything else will fall into place. In fact, it already has; 3 in 4 physicians are on Doximity.

Results Driven

Doximity is laser-focused on goals, which each of us play a critical role in meeting and exceeding. We believe everyone here has the opportunity to understand how their work helps the company reach its targets. Instead of working on something because “my boss needs it done by Friday,” we know how our individual contributions, no matter how large or small, fit into the master plan.

Our goals are measurable and we build analytics into everything we do. Visualizing data is our second nature. Okay, maybe it’s our first nature. The fact is, we love data and use it to drive Doximity towards our primary objectives.

An Inside Job

We are all part of the inner circle and participate in weekly all-hands updates where the entire company is informed about everything happening at Doximity. We talk about human resources, finance and sales, marketing, product development, and all of our key performance metrics. We include charts. We answer questions. And we do this all in less than thirty minutes each week. In addition to the weekly update, all employees are granted access to real-time performance dashboards that we can view anytime for updates on the progress we’re making toward our goals.

Character Stats

We share traits that go beyond the accomplishments on our resumes. We are honest and accountable. We are mentors who love to learn. We’re self-directed, but we’re team players, too. We know how to laugh at ourselves. We’re surfers, Peace Corps volunteers, improv comedians, and more. And ultimately, we all care deeply about making life easier for healthcare professionals.

One of the greatest rewards of working at Doximity is knowing that you aren’t just another cog in the machine. Your peers will rely on you as much as you lean upon them. You will have a voice that will be heard by your team, or maybe the entire company.


Just as good as the perks, the people, and the product is where it all takes place. Our San Francisco HQ sits in the city’s bustling SoMa neighborhood. Great restaurants, outdoor activities, easy-access public transportation, sports venues, parks, and the Bay itself are all within a stone’s throw. But we think you’ll be more excited about what’s going on inside the building. We’ve got state of the art amenities and lots of food options. When you’re ready for a break or a new point of view, we even have our own rooftop deck.

Add Ons

Cash Cupid

Tell us when a colleague really stepped up their game and we’ll send them an anonymous spot bonus on the house. Nothing says "I love you" like a little cash money.

WFH Wednesdays

20% of our developer days are telecommuting nirvana.

Quarterly off-sites

Every three months we get the entire team outta Dodge to celebrate our recent victories and start planning our next milestones. Pack for adventure and bring your laptop.

Doximity Diner

Catered lunches, healthy snacks, delicious coffee, because nobody wants to hear your stomach growl.

The J-Bar

Our private rooftop lounge. Experience the San Francisco skyline with libations and relaxations.

Spacious Areas

A comfortable office. We stand. We sit. We walk. We have hammocks and couches.

Fun Facts

  • We deploy our apps to production on average 30 times per day.
  • Our data science team is currently dealing with massive machine learning challenges. You'll be asked to help come up with solutions, so polish up those Python skills.
  • We have over 250 private repositories in Github: our own applications, micro-services, and internal libraries.
  • We have servers on AWS, Heroku, DigitalOcean. We're all about "best tool for the job."

Tech Stack















Quotes from our colleagues:

"Having the opportunity to work with such smart people in a healthy and positive work environment is what makes me love my job and being part of the Doximity team."
- Morgan Lagier, UX

"The best part about working at Doximity is having the support you need to get things done along with the freedom to be creative and come up with something new. "
- Aaron Moncivaiz, Editorial

"The people keep me motivated, and the fact that everyone can contribute to shaping the product makes it collaborative and fun."
- Mitch Spierer, Product

"Doximity is a rare company that respects you and your work, keeps you challenged, and lets you have a great time working. It doesn't hurt to know your contributions are immediately seen and used by thousands of people."
- Jason Seifer, Engineering

"My favorite thing about working at Doximity is how willing people are to invest in my personal growth. I can directly attribute a lot of what I have learned and achieved during my time to people taking me under their wing and guiding me towards becoming the best I can be."
- Mujtaba Badat, Product

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